Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island. Home to the Tennis Hall of Fame, numerous beaches, the Newport Mansions, and lots of shopping.

While living in Rhode Island, my friends and I spent many days exploring the city that is home to some of the rich and famous. In fact, Newport has recently made headline the past few years for the 4th of July parties that Taylor Swift has thrown at her mansion.

Each year as summer turned to fall and spring turned to summer my friends and I would take day trips to the tourist city just to enjoy its beaches before they became packed for the summer of as they became less packed the closer fall came.

A lot of the time my friend Irene and I would visit Newport when she had to drive there for a work issue and afterwards we would cruise past the mansions and down Ocean Drive. The scenic views were never a disappointment and we’d always wander the back roads of the outskirts of town in search of something new. Whether that be a new site, a new building, or a new route that was just peaceful and pretty.

We came across the Country Club and its sprawling lands. We came across vineyards and farms, as well as rocky shorelines and mansions not found on the main drag. Homes to the wealthy but not on display or open for tours and galas.

Newport always caught my attention with the bustling crowds on the main shopping street and the old tavern restaurants that allude to an atmosphere of nostalgia.

Eaton beach and Second beach were our chosen locations. Eaton was directly off the main roads and held the entrance to the famous “Cliff Walk” that follows a path behind many of the mansions. Second beach is off a lesser known road still hosted a large crowd regularly.

Being able to hear the crash of the Atlantic Ocean and watch the sea birds fly around no matter where we were in Newport really helped center the town as a small ocean town. Everywhere you looked there was a beautiful view and a historical site. The city is a perfect blend of new and old.

Though Rhode Island is small it is home to many amazing places and I’ve only just scratched the surface.

2 thoughts on “Newport, Rhode Island

  1. Hi Amanda, I have been a Newport fan for many years. I love it for so many reasons. However, I have yet to visit the Mansions during the Christmas season. It is on my to-do list this December.


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