Missing Providence

A lot of my friends started back at university today in Providence, Rhode Island and it made me realize just how much I missed them, the school, my teachers, and the city. I was there for the past two years and Providence became a second home to me. I would roam the city at all hours of the day and would discover hidden gems all over the place.

Providence is home to multiple universities including the Ivy League school Brown University, the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, and the amazing Johnson & Wales University (my alma mater obviously). Thousands of students take over this city once September hits and the quiet metropolis is once again packed to the brim with life.

There is always something going on in Providence, whether it be Water Fire which is a spring through fall even on the bay consisting of a flea market of sorts and a fire lighting in the water, or a bar crawl through downtown. Hockey games at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center and falls Rhode Island Comic Con keep students and visitors enjoying this city throughout the year.

Providence is known for its food. Federal Hill boasts a number of Italian restaurants, a German Beirgarten, Thai restaurants, and a fast food Guatemalan spot. In the center of the city, near the bus depot is the famous Haven Bros. food truck selling all of the comfort foods imaginable.

Walking through the city, up and down the hills, near the ocean bay, to and from classes and the mall, or shops on Wickenden Street there was always so much to see. The boutique shops invite you in to explore, while the art work found on every corner and in ever parking lot beg you to look closer and appreciate the city.

I often found myself wandering the city alone letting the differences between it and the cities I knew in California over whelm me. I would wind my way through the maze of the city until I found something that inspired me and grabbed my attention. The streets were always filled with students heading to classes or the dorms or out to eat with friends and more than once I’d run in to someone I knew while I was out discovering the city that I’d always wanted to visit and that I know lived in.

There is so much about Providence that I haven’t even talked about but I don’t know where I’d begin. All I know is that today I’m really missing the city and my friends and teachers that are there right now. I miss the seasons, and the ocean right outside my apartment, and I miss the trees, and the stars, and I miss the city in the middle of the night when all has gone quiet and the mist rolls in off the bay and the light scatters into a fuzzy soft glow. I miss breathing in the ocean breeze and hearing the lap of the ocean against the beach.

I miss Providence.

Where’s somewhere you’re missing right now?

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